“Waves, Shapes, Cascades” (2013), for string orchestra

“Four [Unrelated] Pieces” (2013), for 2 piano 2 percussion

“Khush Rank” (2012), for saxophone quartet

“Worlds Apart and Together” (2011), for mixed ensemble

“Cape Breton: In Extension” (2009), for flute, clarinet and percussion, commisioned by Ensemble In Extensio

“Ethereality” (2008), for large ensemble

“Fast Ride in a Slow Machine” (2008), duet for violin and bass clarinet

“Nocturne” (2007), for Pierrot ensemble

“Pastorale” (2007), solo viola, commissioned by Rivka Golani

“Visions in the Northern Sky” (2007), for Pierrot ensemble

“The Snake” (2007), for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, viola, violoncello

“Cavern Spaces” (2007), for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, percussion, violin, double bass

“For Piano” (2006), solo piano

“String Quartet No. 2” (2006)

“When Age Fell Upon the World…” (2005), for full orchestra

“November” (2003), solo piano


Waves, Shapes, Cascades

Khush Rank

Visions in the Northern Sky

Pastorale (performed by Rivka Golani) (2007)


Etelka is featured on:

Gatekeeper “Grey Maiden” (2019), violin

Karim Gillani “Raah-e-Ishq: The Path of Love” (2014), Arab/Eastern style violin

Andrew McFayden “Open Eyes, Open Mind” (2007), Cape Breton style fiddle

Edgar Breau “Patches of Blue” (2006), violin

The Acoustics “Forever and a Day” (2006), composer, violin and viola

Kris Miles, “8” (2006), violin and viola

The Acoustics “A Thousand Yesterdays” (2002), composer, violin and mandolin

Emma Lee Rose Hogg, “Plum Juice” (2003), violin

The Acoustics “Ombra d’Amore” (1999), composer, violin and mandolin

Theatre Productions

2018: viola player for “Y2K Black Death Oratorio” produced by Pop Goes the Opera at the Edmonton Fringe Festival

2017: Music arrangements/violin/viola/riqq for “9 Parts of Desire” produced by The Maggie Tree in association with Theatre of the New Heart